TourStart dateEnd dateNum. LegsDistanceInfo
Round the world longhaul! (Eastbound)2016-01-012021-12-31926755
Concorde Grand Tour2016-10-292036-10-291123954
Greek tour2016-12-042018-12-31164332
Eastern Europe tour2016-12-052018-12-31136901
Mediterranean tour2016-12-072036-12-31166877
Alaska Tour2016-12-122036-12-31105095
European tour2016-12-122036-12-312210328
Caribbean tour2016-12-222036-12-31103288
South America tour2016-12-222036-12-311814424
Australian Tour2017-07-062037-07-06104449
Asian Number 12017-07-272037-12-31105867
Asian Number 22017-08-042037-12-3174486

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